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Old ideas....modern times! Try Philosophy with New Acropolis!
Join like-minded practical idealists on the New Acropolis adventure!
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Welcome to New Acropolis Ottawa!

New Acropolis is an international non-profit organization that promotes activities and programs in the areas of Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering.
We are in over 50 countries worldwide, bringing together practical idealists who want to improve themselves and develop their potential to become the positive change that they want to see in the world.  Attend one of our events or our philosophy introduction program to experience the New Acropolis adventure!

Philosophy, has always been a search for truth, a process of going more deeply more
Have you ever felt moved by a painting, a piece of music, a play, a poem, or a dance? more
To volunteer is to express the best of oneself. It is to give with an open heart, more