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Introduction Course

The best way to get familiar with our approach to Philosophy is to take our Introduction Course: Philosophies of the East and the West. This course provides not only the opportunity to think more deeply about some of the most fundamental questions that matter to all of us but also tools to impact and enrich our every daily life, in all its aspects.  Classes run each week for 2 hours.

Topics Include:

  The Human Being and the Cosmos:
Do we understand who we really are? What laws and principles of nature apply to us? Discover the visible and invisible dimensions of the Human being and Nature

  The Wisdom of Ancient India
Encounter an ancient spiritual Indian text that describes life as a battlefield. What do we need to conquer? Are there universal laws in life? What is Karma? What is Dharma?

   Life and Teachings of the Buddha
Learn about the life of the Buddha and his key teaching: the Four noble truths. How can we overcome pain and suffering?  How do we live a noble life?

   Teachings from Tibet
Deep insights about walking the path of wisdom. Discover the inner journey and its stages - the first of ignorance, second of learning and and the last stage of wisdom and training of the mind.

   Teachings of Confucius
Self-confidence stems not from arrogance, but from self-knowledge and self-mastery. How to further develop our self-assertiveness while living harmonious relationships?

   Egypt: land of mysteries
Duality and symbols: Learn about the hidden wisdom of ancient Egypt which continues to inspire advances in domains of arts, sciences, psychology and philosophy even today.

   Socrates and Greek Philosophy
Know thyself. Dare to question ourselves, our opinions and truths. Reason and Virtue are not contradictory and help discover Good, Just, Truth and Beauty.

   Teachings of Plato
The Individual, society and the state.  The true purpose of Education.  The metaphor of the Myth of the cave - what is real and what is illusion? How can we free ourselves from illusion?

    The Roman Stoic Philosophers
Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius.  Why is the simple and practical philosophy of the stoics relevant today? How can we live our life with greater depth, perspective, intensity and meaning?

   The Human Being and History
Destiny, Evolution and Cycles of Time. Where do we come from? Where are we going? Are we simply spectators or can we be active builders of history in our daily life? 

     Philosophy in action
Does practical idealism actually exist? How can we participate in making a new and better world? How can each one of us be a Citizen of the world beyond all social, political, religious and other barriers?

Introduction to Practical Psychology
What is concentration? What is attention? What factors affect psychological memory? Explore a different perspective on the relationship between philosophy and psychology