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Réinvent Your Destiny - Aries

Time: 01:00pm  to 02:30pm
Date: Sunday 18 April 2021

Location: Online Event, ,  - 
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Aries - Reinvent Your Destiby

The 12 Keys of the Zodiac - Aries

Monthly workshop series


Where are the keys of your destiny?

The signs of the zodiac are like pearls of wisdom showing you where you can lead your path. 

On Sunday, April 18th, 2021 at 1 pm (EDT), I invite you to an encounter with yourself through the mirror of the Aries archetype. You wonder what an archetype is? Come and discover it. What keys will the fabulous mythological tales of Aries reveal for each of us?

Following this interactive workshop, you will discover laws and inner powers to become the actor of your destiny. You will better know how to overcome obstacles and limits and unleash your creativity.

Natives of all signs will learn just as much from this phase of the solar cycle, which unites us all so vitally to the cosmos.

See you very soon!

With Pierre Lemasson, Philosopher.

These workshops will be offered monthly, following the 12 signs of the zodiac. You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming events.


Some additional information:

- Please log in at 12:50 pm at the latest by clicking the Zoom link on the confirmation message.

- To ensure the smooth running of the activity, no one will be allowed to join the meeting after 1:05 pm.