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Have you ever felt moved by a painting, a piece of music, a play, a poem, or a dance? When we are exposed to refined creative expression, it broadens our horizons and opens up our heart to all expressions of the spirit. Something resonates within us and propels us to participate.

Theatre Like a plant, a flower, or anything that grows, culture is dynamic. True culture is a living process that flourishes as a result of new social, artistic, scientific, intellectual and spiritual contributions.

At New Acropolis one can become a participant in and a creator of a renewed vision of culture: a culture that is life affirming, transformative, valuable, enriching, and nourishing.By promoting a universal celebration of cultural values, meaningful and practical philosophical messages can be understood and accessed by all.

Chicen Itza

A major role in society
Culture has a social, moral, philosophical and spiritual role to play in our society and in our world. Culture helps to shed light upon numerous modern-day issues and conflicts. It provides us with knowledge and the ability to think globally and make informed, adaptive and wise decisions. We have a legacy of over 10,000 years of human history and experience that we can benefit by adapting it and giving it new life.

Culture nourishes the heart
Tapping into the world’s diverse cultures and civilizations can have significant benefits: enriching our knowledge of the world and its cultural forms, Culture1fostering greater awareness of diversity and increasing empathy.

Many of our cultural activities are provided by volunteers who seek to express something authentic from their hearts. These experiences are rewarding as they nourish the soul and help release tensions of everyday life. Culture brings enjoyment for both the artist and the audience, through the interaction of creativity and imagination, and all benefit from that generous effort.Museum

Cultural Activities
We explore many art forms, crafts and traditions. We visit museums and exhibits and sites of cultural and historical interest, Culture2 and we strive to bring people into closer contact with nature through hikes, camps and other wilderness activities.

Come and experience Culture with us!