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Philosophy, has always been a search for truth, a process of going more deeply into the knowledge of nature, the human being and the universe. The word Philosophy comes from the Ancient Greek and means love of wisdom (philo-sophia).  It is this love of wisdom that inpires us to want to change ourselves and make things better. And so in this sense, New Acropolis promotes a philosophy that is practical and active - it consists of studying the timeless wisdom of the world and putting these teachings into practice in our everyday life in the quest to develop our potential, improve ourselves and the world in which we live!  

We invite you to take our introductory philosophy course to discover how philosophy can help us enrich all aspects of our life, even in the face of life's numerous everyday challenges. 

BenefitsBenefits of Philosophy
- know yourself better
- develop mental clarity, concentration, attention, intelligence, patience, generosity, compassion, inner fortitude, etc.
- calmly face the challenges of life and turn them into a learning experience
- gain greater confidence and control over yourself and your life
- overcome fear, doubts and your limits
- discover new abilities and talents
- greater sense of purpose and meaning in everything we do
- deepen your human relationships
- find the best way to contribute to society and humanity

Universal Wisdom of the World
At New Acropolis we study the wisdom of the world: philosophies of the East and the West. Through this comparative study, we discover that many teachings and themes are universal. They may be expressed in different ways depending on time and geographical location, but the essential message is the same. These timeless teachings are an endless source of inspiration and even though ancient, are very applicable to our modern lives today.

Universal Timeless Wisdom

Active and Dynamic Learning Environment
New Acropolis provides a very supportive and dynamic learning environment. The philosophy classes allow for a study, discussion and reflection of the great philosophical teachings. In addition, there are also opportunities outside the classroom that further accelerate the understanding of the teachings and deepen the reflection process. Interactive dialogues lead to broadening of perspectives and allows us to learn from each other's experiences. Working with others on volunteer projects allows practical application and integration of the teachings.  And all of this is done with other volunteers who love philosophy, have a passion of developing themselves and share the idealistic vision of building a new and better world!

So, why wait? Give the philosophical adventure a try by participating in our events or philosophy introduction course!

Give Philosophy a try