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School of Philosophy

At the heart of the activities of New Acropolis is its School of Philosophy in the classical tradition.  We approach philosophy as "the love of wisdom", as something practical and active, not merely intellectual or contemplative, so we can learn from our everyday life and inspire our modern day life with the great philosophical teachings.

To enable everyone to develop his / her own potential in the most effective possible way, the syllabus of this School of Philosophy covers the major systems of thought of both East and West, together with their proposals for putting the philosophical concepts into practice in our own life.

It promotes the application of the essential human values and timeless qualities which have been at the heart of all civilizations. This Active Philosophy leads to the development of greater self-control, peace of mind and increased ability to act in accordance with our evolving understanding of the harmony of the world.

It combines feeling, thought and action. It teaches people to think for themselves and to reach decisions freely. The practice of philosophy embraces the whole spectrum of existence and helps the individual to find, by himself, a purpose in life.